Card #1: Renault 4CV

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FRONT: Series A, Card #1 - Renault 4CV (photographed Dec. 2019 in Centro, Havana, Cuba BACK: Series A, Card #1 - Renault 4CV (photographed Dec. 2019 in Centro, Havana, Cuba

The Renault 4CV (French: quatre chevaux) is a rear-engined, rear-wheel-drive, 4-dooreconomy supermini manufactured and marketed by the French manufacturer Renault from August 1947 through July 1961. It was the first French car to sell over a million units, and was superseded by the Dauphine. --- This car was photographed in December 2019 in the Centro neighborhood of Havana, Cuba.

El Renault 4CV (francés: quatre chevaux) es un supermini económico de 4 puertas, tracción trasera y motor trasero fabricado y comercializado por el fabricante francés Renault desde agosto de 1947 hasta julio de 1961. Fue el primer automóvil francés en venderse un millón de unidades, y fue reemplazado por el Dauphine. --- Este auto fue fotografiado en diciembre de 2019 en el barrio Centro de La Habana, Cuba.

Photography by J. M. Branum. This card design is a First Amendment protected parody of the classic 1987 Topps Baseball card design, a use of the form of classic US American baseball card as a form of commentary on the complicated political and cultural relationship between the USA and Cuba, particularly through our collective loves of baseball and cars. (c) 2021 JMBranum Enterprises. Full details on licensing can be found by scanning the QR code. #EndTheBlockcade #CubaSolidarity